“Our mission is to develop a strong music sharing culture within the community. Sharing music with one another is an indirect way of sharing experiences and connecting the artist to the listener. Our perfect world is one where fans share music with relentless passion and have it received by others with the same energy, lifting up artists even from deep underground the scene.”
The Electric Hawk

At the top of 2023, I was honored to be accepted into the Electric Hawk family as a contributing writer; in February, I became a staff writer, focusing primarily on wave artists and others coming from underground spaces. By the spring, I joined the editorial staff as an editorial assistant, and by June, I was a full-fledged editor. It has been my absolute pleasure to be working for a publication that has such a focus on diversity, inclusivity, and keeping it real. My experience with The Electric Hawk has been a life-changing one, and I am so excited to keep growing alongside my fellow Hawks.

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