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In 2021, I was working on a promotional campaign for my first artist and decided to contact my favorite radio host for some advice. Turns out, he wasn’t with the station anymore–but he admired my talent for finding underappreciated artists, and my passion for music, so he set me up with the call that would change my life: a call to discuss the opportunity to write for MendoWerks Magazine.

Since then, I have interviewed and written about some of my favorite artists of all time… and discovered so many new favorites in the process. I established a column dedicated to all things wave music (“Breaking Waves”) as well. Soon, I will be coming up on my 100th piece with MendoWerks, and I couldn’t be any happier.

Find all of my work at MendoWerks here.

I have been focusing mostly on wave music and new takes on all flavors of rock-n-roll. Concept albums are my favorite but I cover just about anything (including singles and event lineups).

I love blurred genre lines, so if you’re doing something fresh, please send it my way.

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