Lightwood¬†is an online magazine exploring life and the arts in the 21st¬†century and is a part of Lightwood Press, publishing both print and electronic works. On its pages readers will find literature in all forms, articles, essays, and current reviews along with artwork and profiles of our contributors.”

In 2019, I was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with the legendary Larry Carr on the launch of Lightwood Press and Productions. This primarily looked like helping with the launch of its online publication, Lightwood, and continuing to help with maintaining its WordPress website… as well as penning the occasional music review/essay for publication.

However, Lightwood is what allowed me to explore music writing in a real way–and that experience is what defined the next four years (and counting) of my life. That one piece about “these weird spacemen in a rock band” that I wrote ‘just for fun’ changed everything for me. Of course, working alongside my long-time mentor-turned-friend, Larry, on a long-term project has also been a wonderful, enriching, and life-changing experience in of itself as well– something I will cherish forever.

Check out the quarterly publication here.

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