Hi there! Thanks for your interest.

I’m delighted that you want me to write about you!

There’s some info that I will need from you in order to get started. 

To make things easier for us both, please fill out the pitch submission form below. 

As you are probably aware, the main publication that I work with is MendoWerks Magazine, where I write a column called “Breaking Waves”. I started it as a way to document the wave music community. I cover everything from single and EP reviews, to artist profiles and interviews, to event coverage, and more.  I am currently only accepting submissions for MendoWerks at this time.

I don’t exclusively write about wave music; I have a soft spot for all things emo and “genre-defiant alt rock” as well, so please feel free to send me that kind of thing, too. (e.g.: Saint Slumber, THE HARA, grandson, Bambie Thug, STARSET, First & Forever, KID BRUNSWICK). 

I also write about wave music and other underground electronic music for The Electric Hawk. which has its own pitching process; I have a quarterly wave column over at Lightwood as well.

If I choose to bring your pitch to a publication other than MendoWerks, I will communicate with you about that process, as I am always actively seeking new opportunities… especially for paid work. (If you’re from a publication and want me to write for you, please use this link to contact me instead of the form below so that we can discuss rates.) 

I also love writing artist bios, so please hit me up about that if you’re in need of one; that form’s on this page, too.

In closing, please be mindful that I may not be able to respond to every pitch that I receive–but I will certainly try, especially if you use this form. My DMs are always a mess, but I love me a good email.

(If it’s time sensitive…please send it early!)

Thank you so much!


Pitch Submission Form

Please pick your preferred contact method, should I need to reach you. Default will be email, if this is not changed.
Please provide your bio here; if you do not have one, please tell me a bit about yourself and your project. If you chose a non-email contact method, please provide it here.
This is not required, but if you have something coming up, please let me know about it–especially if you want me to consider it for an article.
If you have something special that you want me to check out first, please provide a link to that specific project. If you’re so inclined, tell me a little bit about it.

Please note if you are providing a pre-release link, and when the release date for the project is.

Artist Bio Inquiry Form

Need a bio? Awesome. I love writing those. 

My current rate is $50 for approximately 150-250 words (perfect for Spotify!), with the option to add on a $10 consultation, if you’d like to have an in-depth chat about it. 


Artist Bio Inquiry Form:

Suggestions for facts include details about your history with music, fun facts about your upbringing, naming your inspirations, any label releases you’ve done, events you’ve played, goals you have, major accomplishments, things you want to achieve with your projects… stuff like that.

The point here is to help me get to know you and your story.
Feel free to be as detailed and as informal as you’d like.
By checking this box, I am accepting the following terms: I understand that I will be contacted by the author at the email address I provide with a confirmation that my request has been accepted; I understand that I can accept or decline the service offer. If I accept the offer, I accept the charges of $50.00 for this service, and will pay the invoice I receive within 48 hours. I understand that a $10.00 fee will be added if I request a 30-minute video consultation with the author. I understand that delayed payment may result in a delayed deliverable. I understand that I may be contacted by email for clarification and/or follow-up questions, and failure to respond to these inquiries may cause my biography to be delayed.

If you’d like your bio to be a bit longer–or if you want to discuss options for more in-depth press services, like a proper press release, full-page bio, EPK, or something else–I’d love to chat about it. 

Please put a note in the “Is there anything else I should know?” portion of the form so I know to address it in your confirmation email. Thanks!