Ambur Masen is a Hudson Valley-based writer, editor, and mother of plants. She has several publishing credits ranging from slice-of-life short fiction and freeform poetry as found in literary magazines like SUNY New Paltz’s Stonesthrow Review and Fourteen Stories From the Year of the Rooster to her first music reviews as published by Lightwood Press.

Since the 2010s, Ambur found a love for music journalism and took on the role of Technical Director for MendoWerks Magazine. While at MendoWerks, Ambur was inspired to travel the world, chasing the wave music scene. While doing so, she started a column dedicated to documenting the history of this community as it unfolds, called “Breaking Waves”.

With the column comes an archival project that is set to be unveiled Jan-Feb 2023. It is her hope that this “quest” to chronicle her journey through the wave scene will prove helpful to all involved–from fan to artist to industry personnel.

Since the inception of “Breaking Waves”, Ambur has moved on to establish a wave music column at Lightwood as well, and has become a dedicated wave music writer for The Electric Hawk.

She has also moved into various roles within music promotion and marketing, both as a project manager/digital director for Unleashed Music and by opening her own small business, Mace Promotion & Creative Consulting, LLC, where she works as creative consultant and offers a one-stop-shop for all things artistic support.

When Ambur isn’t seeking out new songs to listen to or referring to her well-worn copy of Steven Pressfield’s Do The Work for creative guidance, she enjoys collecting cool rocks and driving up the Interstate to soak in some Adirondack air and daydream of what her next project may entail.